Our Pack

In our pack, cooperation and solidarity come first. Every job of our Wolfpack is done with consistency and care. Our dogs are trained and socialized early and without pressure.

  • Appreciation
  • Cooperation
  • Consistency

We humans can learn a lot from the wolf – but we have to watch patiently.

Breeding goal. Principles. Emotions.

It is no secret that our kennel has certain ideas about a special breeding goal. We not only want animals to be sociable and nice, but also to be eager to learn something new, to have fun at work and, of course, to be healthy.

We often read that gifted and committed dog trainers accuse a dog owner of being lazy in dealing with the dog. Many statements about a lack of discipline or lack of consistency in puppyhood may well be correct, but one must never forget that a wolf dog or every domestic dog is only an animal and cannot and should not always function like a machine. Don’t make your dog a broken dog by forcing him to work or exercise!

Our work with the dogs takes place exclusively according to a positive training approach – with clickers, with jackpot rewards, sometimes with treats, sometimes without treats – in different ways. And what you definitely need for a wolf dog are patience and motivation.

Other important aspects of our work with animals are mutual respect, love and trust in one another that has built up over time and is not enforced by any training. One is often looked at wrongly, one is often smiled at – but we remain true to our principles, with which we master the life with the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog every day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most questions about our dogs or about wolfdogs in general can already be found in this section. But if the answer is not enough for you or if you have follow-up questions – please contact us, we are happy to be there for you!

First we have to get to know each other – everything else can be clarified after a conversation. The next litters “vom alten Wolfsblut” are not planned before 2023, however.
After we got the diagnosis of an EPI (exocrine pancreatic insufficiency) of our beloved Ylvi it was clear that it would be selfish and stupid to breed with her, therefore the breeding plans 2021 and 2022 have been discarded. The next officially planned litter is expected to take place in 2023 at the earliest.

Better in a double pack? Siblings from the same litter are wonderful, but we lack personal experience – maybe you will find valuable answers ​​in Facebook groups.

We do not want one of our dogs to end up in the shelter, so it is particularly important as a future owner to be sensible. “Walk first before you can run,” goes a popular saying in Austria.

It has already happened to many wolfdog owners that they had to choose between partner and dog – most of them have chosen the dog.

If it is a joint decision, but your partner expresses concerns or does not fully support you, does not want to admit negative experiences or is rather negative about the whole “thing” in advance, then you should either distance yourself from the dream of the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog or from your partner.

It would be correct to say that it is purely a training matter and completely wrong to say that a Czechoslovak Wolfdog can never be left alone. Nevertheless, you should always have the good old Plan-B up your sleeve here as well.

Basically you can feed a wolfdog the same thing as a house dog, but many owners swear by B.A.R.F. (raw meat diet) and then take it very seriously. We also recommend the classic raw meat feeding for healthy wolfdogs.

Basically, we are of the opinion that every dog ​​needs a job or an activity. Whether a Czechoslovak Wolfdog needs more or less work or exercise depends on the individual. So far, our dogs have always had excellent noses and were able to do classic nose work and 3D nose work very well even during puberty.
Exercise is of course essential, the dogs find their place. However, our dogs are by no means given to you as indoor or sofa-wolves.
What not? No – joking aside – Czechoslovakian wolfdogs are definitely great for working with a handler, there are also many successful wolfdogs that do Dog Dance or Agility out there. The puppy and young dog will certainly show you what skills he has.
Mistakes are what make us humans and you learn from your mistakes. However, your first point of contact should not be your dog trainer or the animal shelter, but your breeder – he knows what to do. If you are overwhelmed with one of our dogs, if he is behaving strangely or if your life has changed, then contact us immediately and we will look for a solution!
What do you mean with strong? Physically? Mentally? Emotionally?
All three! They are very calm and emotional beings who can challenge us in every situation. But you don’t have to be Arnold Schwarzenegger to deal with a Czechoslovak Wolfdog.

Our dogs were never in a special kennel or box at home. For trips, exhibitions or other circumstances, boxing training is definitely recommended to offer the animals a suitable and known retreat.

Both Ylvi and Luna like to sleep in bed and cuddle.

For further questions – contact us!